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Does your child have skills to survive if they reach water alone?


2024 Sessions Booking Now!

Keep Your Family Safe in Water

Give your child the competence, confidence and skills of aquatic safety with Infant Swimming Resource's (ISR) Self-Rescue® lessons with Dee Fogle.  


Children from 6 months to 6 years of age learn how to use Infant Swimming Resource’s Self-Rescue® skills to save themselves. 

Babies 6-12 Months

Babies are fast, smart and curious, especially near water.  ISR provides them with a powerful layer of aquatic protection by teaching the skill of rolling onto their backs to float, rest and breathe. They learn to maintain this position until help arrives.

Kids 1-6 Years Old

Older, more mobile children will learn the full ISR Self-Rescue® sequence of swimming until they need air, rotating onto the back to float, then rolling back over to continue swimming. ISR students are taught to repeat this sequence until they reach the safety of the steps, side of the pool, or the shoreline.


About Dee

Deva (Dee) Fogle was so moved watching her 6 month old son Joey go through Infant Swimming Resource’s Self-Rescue® lessons, that she knew she had to be a part of this.  So she completed the rigorous ISR certification soon after and has been blown away by the effectiveness of the program.  Equipping kids with survival skills is more than a job for her; it's a deep-rooted passion. 

Swim with Dee


To maximize safety and impact, all ISR lessons are 1 to 1 between Dee and your child and run between 5-7 weeks based on your child’s skill development. 


Dee will work with your child until they confidently have the skills needed to save themselves if they were to reach the water alone.  These skills also provide your child with a foundation for a lifetime of fun and safe enjoyment of the water. 


The next round of lessons begin in February and space is limited.


For the past 4 weeks my two kids have taken lessons with Dee and the progress I have seen has been astonishing. She is just an awesome instructor, giving the kids praise and comfort when needed. My son is now floating and swimming with his face in the water and eyes open! Before he wouldn’t go in without his googles! My daughter is floating and screaming less and less with each lesson as she gets comfortable with the water. 

- Shanta

We are so proud of our daughter! Today she wrapped up 7 weeks of ISR lessons with her amazing instructor Dee. She quickly learned to swim to the edge of the pool and float on her back to self rescue at just 20 months old. I highly recommend ISR lessons. Who knows, it could save your child’s life one day!

- Anna

Watching my daughter learn to swim with ISR the last 5 weeks has been incredible. Today she swam to her teacher Dee, rolled to a float, and just hung out completely unassisted in heavy winter clothes. It’s sad when you think about why these lessons even exist, but I am just so grateful for this experience and her amazing teacher who has made it so wonderful. 

- Meg


Infant Swimming Resource’s Self-Rescue® 

ISR’s mission is to see that not one more child drowns.  Founded in 1966, they are the global leader of survival swim lessons for infants and young children.  To date, they have delivered more than 12,000,000 lessons across the globe.

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